Want to revamp your office? We’ve revamped our furniture offering and created a fully flexible solution for our customers' diverse needs! 

Workplaces are going through a huge transformation due to a variety of external factors. It’s natural that the physical spaces have evolved and the needs of our customers have changed drastically too. Therefore, we’ve created a turnkey solution to ensure our furniture offering makes life as simple as possible for everyone. 

If you’re looking for the odd chair delivered to a home address as you onboard new employees or a full on office CAD design and fit-out - we can do it all! Here’s how…

Next day kerbside drop off

We’ve dropped the minimum order charge and all deliveries can be made by the next working day. With supply chain issues and long delivery times, you can rest assured knowing that anything you order from us is in stock and ready for delivery.

Flexible location delivery: home or office

Managing a remote or flexible workforce can be difficult - especially when it comes to ensuring they have a safe and correctly set up space to work from at home. We’re able to deliver to anywhere in the country - be that a home or office address or multiple locations.

Boxed chair delivery 

Say goodbye to flat-pack furniture with our boxed chair delivery service. Imagine having to build chairs for your entire office fit-out - it would add a lot of time to the project, increase distractions and therefore decrease productivity for your team. With the chairs already being built, they’re safe and set up in the right way so you don’t need to worry about needing special tools or the skill set to build it yourself. 

DSE compliant set up

Our team is DSE (Display Screen Equipment) accredited and will be able to ensure your workstations and processes meet the legal requirements. Employers have an obligation to meet the DSE requirements and protect their employees from the health risks of exposure to continuous use of DSE. Our team can do a complete workstation audit for home, office and hot desk spaces. 


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