Thursday 21st November 2019 and it’s a cold morning in the heart of the picturesque Derbyshire countryside – the perfect day to plant some trees.

Fenn 1875 took part in the Carbon Capture tree planting day with the Woodland Trust and Premier Paper in Derbyshire. Joined by TV’s Julia Bradbury and the Outdoor Guide, the 300 plus tree planters included staff from Michelin, Currys PC World and The PDSA. The event even attracted staff from the global forestry organisation the PEFC (Program for Enforcement of Forestry Certification). The volunteers met at the Woodland Trust’s Heanor site in Derbyshire and were greeted with fresh breakfast sandwiches, hot coffees and teas. After a series of brief introductions, the intrepid eco-warriors took to the fields armed with spade, wellies and determination, despite the bitterly cold November air.

BBC TV Presenter Julia Bradbury and Elle Harrop from Fenn 1875 Environmental Support Specialist.

The tree planting took place near Heanor in Derbyshire, previously the site of a former opencast mine the area has been transformed into a haven for wildlife and people. The Woodland Trust plan to develop the site further, creating the Young People’s Forest – a giant classroom for children and young people aged 10-20; they’ll be planting trees, learning about nature as well as designing, delivering and taking in part in activities.

As the day came to an end the final number of trees that had been planted totalled an impressive 13,000. Amongst the saplings that were planted were maple, oak and silver birch, hawthorn and hazel – all of which are broadleaf trees native to the UK.

Fenn 1875 Managing Director Louise Harris says, “this one-day event has meant that these 13,000 trees will grow to capture 3,250 tonnes of CO2. That’s the equivalent weight to 722 female African elephants! We are extremely grateful to all our customers who have taken part to support us”.

Carbon Capture is the market leading environmental initiative. Through the Carbon Capture programme Fenn 1875 offer their clients the opportunity to mitigate the CO2 emissions from their product purchases by planting new native woodland in the UK with the Woodland Trust and the Woodland Carbon scheme.

tree2 300x225

From left; Dave Shaw (Fenn 1875), Stuart Thorne (Managing Director of U-Power Footwear) & Louise Harris (Managing Director of Fenn 1875). ‘Digging for Victory’

tree3 300x199

300 volunteers across several acres

tree4 223x300

Rachel Tait (National Account Manager at Fenn 1875) with one of the PDSA volunteer tree planters