Fenn1875 moves to new offices in Trentham to further its sustainability credentials on the journey to becoming carbon neutral. With the goal of being carbon net zero by 2027, the new office in Trentham Lakes is an integral part of creating a greener future and paving the way for sustainable growth.

Mapping out the future for the business, Fenn1875 worked with energy saving consultants to choose the most sustainable options for the business. Decisions were made such as choosing lighting and central heating systems with co2 reduction in mind - as a result of implementing the new systems there is a saving 37.8% on total co2 emissions. In addition the company is maximising green energy with solar panels and only using electricity that comes from certified sustainable energy sources.

Sustainability runs through the new office with carefully sourced furniture, made from environmentally friendly materials and supplied from an environmentally conscious supply chain. With space to house a new electric vehicle fleet and have an EV charging point, the offices take into consideration the roadmap to reach carbon net zero by 2027.

Louise Harris, Managing Director, states, “Planning for the future with sustainability in mind has been high on our agenda for some time. It’s great to be hitting milestones on our carbon journey earlier than expected and the new office has facilitated this. Fenn1875 is looking forward to the future and it is an exciting time for the business with continued growth and new service offerings to better serve our customers.”