Our electric vehicle fleet continues to grow with the arrival of the Hyundai IONIQ 5.

As part of our sustainability initiative we are working towards being carbon neutral - and a new electric fleet is a big part of this.

All of our delivery vans and sales fleet are being replaced with electric vehicles over the next couple of years. This is the second of our fleet to be replaced, with the first being a Ford Mustang Mach-E. As the supply chains allow, we will be updating our fleet 

With charging facilities at our HQ too, we're investing in the infrastructure needed to make this a sustainable change for the future of Fenns.

Louise Harris, our Managing Director states:

“Investing in the future of the business in a sustainable way is incredibly important to us at Fenns. After the pandemic, our account managers were excited to get out and start spending time with their customers again. With accounts across the country, we want to minimise the impact our travel will have on our carbon footprint as well as our customers. Over the next couple of years we will replace our company fleet with more environmentally friendly vehicles and further expand our EV chardging infrastructure.”

We are well on our way to hitting our journey to net zero goals. Stay tuned for more news on our journey!

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