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Here at Fenn 1875, we've got lots of exciting news and offers to share with you. Here you can keep up to date with all our latest activity from charity events to office storage space solutions.

23/11/2022 | Blog

How our core print platform makes managing your brand easy

Speak to any marketing or brand manager and they will all tell you how difficult it can be to maintain brand consistency across marketing materials. When you have many people getting involved by ordering leaflets, creating presentations and buying business cards - it can become a branding nightmare!  The whole purpose of a brand is…
31/10/2022 | Blog

Having a rebrand? Here’s how to plan for an effective launch.

  No matter your reasons for having a rebrand, there’s a lot of parts you need to manage inorder to execute the roll out effectively. Treating your brand like an asset you want to grow and develop requires a strategic approach. While it’s great to get all of the ‘fun’ parts complete like visual identity…
19/10/2022 | Blog

Why are workwear quality standards important?

Ensuring your team has the right uniform can be difficult when certifications and quality standards come into play. Not only are you concerned about comfort, warmth, durability and in some cases branding - international health and safety standards can further complicate workwear procurement!    We’ve put together a list of the main workwear quality standards…
06/10/2022 | Blog

Why consistent branding is important

When you hear the term branding - we often think of the tangibles like logos, colours and straplines. While these are all important parts of building your brand, there is a lot more to a brand than its appearance. Instead focusing more on the perception of your brand, its values and the emotions you want…
06/10/2022 | Blog

Disinfectant v Sanitisation: What’s the difference?

With so much jargon and conflicting advice, it’s difficult to know the best way to keep your workspace clean. Having an understanding of the buzzwords and knowing the difference between terms that are used interchangeably is important. Especially when it comes to meeting safety requirements and knowing what products you need to use. Simple misunderstandings…
24/08/2022 | Blog

How important is workwear fit?

Workwear and PPE is non-negotiable in some roles - with certain industries requiring employees to wear PPE and safety gear by law. With some industries being more strict than others with their uniform requirements, knowing the role and tasks that your employees complete will help you to choose the best workwear for them.  One often…
17/08/2022 | Blog

Keep your business safe from viruses

You’ve probably seen the constant mention of Monkeypox in the news along with Covid. Well, there is now a rise in Poliovirus too. With a seemingly never ending stream of new viruses emerging, focus on cleanliness and public health is high. However most of us aren’t aware that there are two types of virus -…
11/08/2022 | Blog

Create an outdoor space at work

With the heatwave in full swing, social media is awash with pictures of people working outside during their work from home days. If you’re based in the office - it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out on the already too brief summer. Some simple switches and creative thinking could transform any available outdoor space…
03/08/2022 | Blog

What PPE do you need if you work in the food industry?

Working in the food industry comes with a wealth of regulation around hygiene and protection. From food manufacturing to preparation - every stage of the journey requires PPE for the safety of your employees and your consumers. However, different parts of the journey call for specific PPE and the range of equipment needed can seem…
20/07/2022 | Blog

The best safety boots for working outside

Working outside isn’t simple from a health and safety perspective. You need to ensure your team has the right workwear and PPE equipment to withstand any risk factors and changes in the weather. This means choosing an adequate uniform for your team that caters to comfort and necessary safety features is subject to change, depending…
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